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Field portable full range remote sensing and mining spectrometers
and spectroradiometers:
  • Selectable foreoptics:  lens, fiber optic, diffuser or integrating sphere
  • 350-2500nm, 350-1900nm, or 320-1100nm range
  • Available as a spectroradiometer for spectral radiance and irradiance measurements- factory
    calibrated with NIST-traceable reference standards
  • Typical Applications- Ground truthing, solar radiometry, environmental measurement, remote
    sensing & research, forestry, mineral reflectance

Full range laboratory spectroradiometers:
  • Selectable foreoptics: fiber optic lens, diffuser, or integrating sphere
  • 350-2500nm, 350-1900nm, 300-1700nm or 320-1100nm range
  • Ideal for spectral radiance and irradiance measurements- calibrated with NIST-traceable
    reference standards
  • Typical Applications- Environmental monitoring stations, lab measurement, spectral match
    of solar-simulators and LEDs, calibration transfer

Full range UV-VIS-NIR lab spectrometers
  • 350-2500nm, 350-1900nm, 300-1700nm, 320-1100nm and 380-780nm UV-VIS-NIR
    Spectrometer ranges
  • Integral dark shutters & automatic exposure control for fast, one-touch operation.
  • Wireless Bluetooth operation
  • Diffraction grating based optics with no moving parts- can be mounted in any orientation for
    trouble free operation.
  • Typical Applications: reflectance, transflectance, transmittance and spectral wavelength

LF series near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers:
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) spectrometers - Short Wave IR Spectrometers

  • 900-1700nm; 512 channel InGaAs array (LF-1250)
  • 1100-2100nm; 256 channel extended InGaAs array (LF-2100)
  • 1000-2500nm; 256 channel extended InGaAs array (LF-2500)
  • 1850-2500nm; 256 channel extended InGaAs array (LF-2300)
  • High speed update rate available for on-line process monitoring
  • Fiber optic or fixed lens spectrometer configurations available
  • USB and wireless Bluetooth communication
  • Typical Applications:  Laser measurements, moisture analysis, analyte detection
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Single InGaAs NIR photodiode array spectrometer- NIR InGaAs photodiode array spectrometers- 1000-2500nm, 1800-2500nm, 1100-2100nm or 900-1700nm
spectrometers are
made in the USA.
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Handheld Battery Operated Portable Spectrometer
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION manufactures state of the art UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR full range
spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and spectrometer systems for laboratory or
handheld portable use. Our systems are used worldwide in analytical, environmental,
industrial and medical diagnostics markets.
The oreXpress is designed for mineral
identification in the field or the core shack.
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EZ-ID provides real-time mineral identification in
the field.
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Our Library Builder Module allows you to
quickly build custom spectral libraries.
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General purpose
photonics applications
Spectrometers &
New Products
oreXpress - the next generation
field portable spectrometer
The oreXpress spectrometer and EZ-ID software are trademarks of Spectral Evolution, Inc.
Spectrometers and Spectroradiometers for general purpopse photonics applications
oreXpress NIR field portable spectrometer for mineral identification
oreXpress field portable spectrometer for mining
EZ-ID sample identification software and custom spectral library builder
THe SR-3500 poratble spectroradiometer
SR-4500 for radiometric calibration transfer
SR-1100-TE TE-cooled photodiode arrays
oreXpress and oreXpress Platinum for mining
Field portable spectroradiometers for remote sensing
Field portable spectrometers for mining and mineral  identification