oreXpress Miniprobe
3mm spot size for accurate scanning of small
sample features
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 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
oreXpress Miniprobe:
For use with the oreXpress field
spectrometer and EZ-ID software
for mineral identification and
The SPECTRAL EVOLUTION oreXpress Miniprobe has a 3mm spot that
allows geologists in the field or the core shack to pinpoint features
of interest on a sample for identification. The Miniprobe is designed
oreXpress field spectrometer
SR-6500 ultra-high resolution spectroradiometer for portable
mineral identification and analysis.

The Miniprobe allows geologists to identify minerals in a smaller area
than the traditional 10mm spot available with the mineral contact
probe. It’s easy to hold and use with an external trigger for fast and
comfortable scanning.
  • Unique, comfortable low reflectance, impact resistant ABS
    thermoplastic body
  • Light touch, tactile feel, pushbutton trigger for data collection
  • Metal clad fiber optic cable with quick disconnect
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and easy to hold and use all day
  • 5W halogen lkight source for built-in illumination
  • Plugs directly into the oreXpress™ or other SPECTRAL
    EVOLUTION spectrometers or spectroradiometers
  • Ideal for mineral reflectance studies especially on very small
    sample features

The Miniprobe is indispensable for samples where minerals of
interest are only present in tiny areas. It allows geologist to focus on
smaller areas of interest in a sample or core and see accurate, high
resolution scans. Combined with the EZ-ID mineral identification
software it can help identify important mineral alteration and isolate
components in mixtures.

. The oreXpress spectrometer delivers:
  • Rapid data/spectra collection in the field
  • High signal to noise ratio for improved reflectance values
  • Fast start-up and use with no optimization step required
    between scans
  • Sturdy construction to handle field conditions
  • Reliability with no moving optics and a robust metal clad fiber
    optic cable connector with easy-disconnect fiber

The oreXpress with
EZ-ID matches your unknown target mineral
against a known spectral library. EZ-ID is available with the USGS
library and the SpecMIN™ library from Spectral International.

SpecMIN includes an extensive and dynamic library of over 494
infrared active mineral species with more than 1,528 individual
spectra. This unique spectral library includes a minimum of two
different samples per mineral.

EZ-ID features:
  • Fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a
    known library sample
  • Ease of use – just collect a target scan and see immediate
    match results in real time on your laptop
  • Simple, consistent user interface
  • Include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal
  • Fast scanning for optimum field work or core shack logging

With our Custom Library Builder software module, EZ-ID allows you to
scan known samples and quickly build a custom library for a
particular project, mineral, location, and more. You can select pre-
defined metadata fields or define your own.
A scan collected with the oreXpress Miniprobe from a very small feature
on an outcrop identified by EZ-ID as azurite. The sample was part of a
copper exploration project.