Reflectance/Transmittance (RT) Sphere
Spectral Evolution’s reflectance/transmittance (RT) sphere can be used to measure
reflectance and transmittance for a wide variety of sample types including vegetation
samples such as leaves or needles. The 6” sphere is compact and portable and is
delivered with a stand as well as a 1/4-20 mount boss for use with any mini or standard
size tripod.

The RT sphere has port plugs for single 9° beam geometry. A specular light trap is
included for specular subtraction. The fiber optic is connected to the sphere at the
top via an SMA-905 connector. The control panel on the sphere includes the on/off
power switch, illumination selector (reflectance or transmittance), and illumination
intensity selector (high/low). The sphere can be powered by an external source or the
spectroradiometer or spectrometer you are using. Easy-to-use and secure sample
holders are provided. The RT sphere can be used for specular included or excluded
reflectance measurement, measurement of forward and back scattering, and
transmittance measurement of scattering transparent or turbid samples.

An RT sphere allows you to collect all diffuse light reflected from a leaf since the
inside of the sphere is a perfect reflecting diffuser—total hemispherical reflectance
can be measured. With the high resolution spectra obtained from a PSR+ or RS-3500
spectroradiometer, the RT sphere can deliver detailed information about vegetation
spectral features, such as comparisons of chlorophyll concentrations of leaves with
the red-edge characteristics. In another application, spectral reflectance and
transmittance measurements performed  with the RT sphere can be used to estimate
the leaf area index from radiation reflected from a canopy surface.
 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
The RT Sphere includes secure sample
holders for reflectance and transmittance

The control module allows the user to
select reflectance or transmittance, as well
as the intensity of illumination (low/high).
The sample holders are easy to use and
ensure that the sample fits snugly for

Our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software
provides easy access to the software
control for selecting reflectance or
transmittance measurements and saves all
files as ASCII for use with other software

When used with a Spectral Evolution
spectrometer or spectroradiometer, you
can collect precise data from leaf and
needle research with a sphere that is
The RT Sphere can also be used in photovoltaic cell testing to measure
the optical properties and effects of different textures, coatings, and
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