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SPECTRAL EVOLUTION capsule overview:

  • Incorporated 2004
  • Full line supplier of UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers for lab, online process,                     
    mining & field portable remote sensing
  • Facilities in Lawrence, Massachusetts USA
  • Manufacturer of OEM and direct sale instruments

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art full range UV-
VIS-NIR spectrometers for lab, industrial and field portable use.  Our systems feature both InGaAs and
Si photodiode arrays integrated into one lightweight, compact spectrometer package eliminating the
hassle of integrating multiple boxes to cover 350-2500nm full spectrum measurements.

Our design philosophy:

  • We only use photodiode arrays and fixed grating systems to avoid the use of light-robbing fiber
    optics within our instruments. This increases system sensitivity and overall reliability since there
    are no moving gratings to drift or malfunction. We make every effort to build systems that won't
    break down during your mission critical work.

  • We strive to make our systems small and lightweight (3.5kg or less) yet rugged for everyday
    use.  Our portable systems are powered with lightweight high capacity lithium ion batteries and
    can be operated in stand-alone fashion or with small handheld mobile computers to keep your
    travel load as light as possible.

  • We constantly look for ways to make our instruments and software the easiest to use- with one-
    touch autoexposure - autodark shutter - autoranging controls and easy software pulldown
    menus.  Our  Bluetooth interface on most models makes wireless connections easy and
Custom systems approach:

  • The Spectral Evolution approach is to examine an application's requirements, apply systems
    engineering, and provide a solution based on our modular illumination, sampling, and spectral
    detection technologies available.  The Spectral Evolution team has developed and produced
    thousands of spectral measuring systems for a variety of applications.  

  • Spectral Evolution is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.  We believe that a solution
    must meet the all of the customer's application requirements.

The SPECTRAL EVOLUTION team hosts a multidisciplinary engineering and marketing staff with
experiences in many different spectroscopic fields and applications. The company was founded by
Dennis Witz who led spectrometer R&D for leading companies in the Remote Sensing and Analytical
Instruments fields.  As Director of Engineering for Geophysical & Environmental Research Corp.
(GER), he championed the development of a family of photodiode array based, Full Range (UV, Vis,
and NIR) Field Portable Spectroradiometers and advanced the technologies of airborne hyper-spectral
imaging systems.  As the Biomedical Systems Group Leader at PerkinElmer, he led the development
and production of spectrometer, spectrophotometer, and illumination systems for use in Life Science
instrumentation, Clinical Diagnostic instruments, On-Line Process Monitoring (PAT) systems and many
other applications.  He also supported Beckman-Coulter's Scientific Instruments products as a member
of their engineering group.
 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
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Lawrence, MA 01840  USA
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 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
Spectral Evolution, Inc. provides top quality Engineering, Management, and
Marketing/Applications consulting services for spectral measuring devices and
  • System level and detail Design, Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Calibration and System Test
Detail Design Expertise:

  • Optical Design:  Spectrometer Design, Illumination Modules, Ray Tracing
  • Electronics Design: High Performance Analog, Digital, and Control Circuits
  • Detection Electronics, Embedded Processing, Data Acquisition, PCB Layout
  • Mechanical Design: For Custom modules
  • Software: embedded firmware and application code
  • C/C++, Visual Basic, Labview, Assembly Code
  • Systems Engineering: Systems Performance Modelling, Specification
    Generation, Test Plan Development
  • Project Management: Planning, Communication and Execution
  • Algorithm Development: Signal Processing, Calibration, Automated Test
  • Test Station: Custom test stations for electro-optical systems and
Spectral Evolution, Inc. provides NIST Traceable Calibrations for spectral measuring
Radiometric Calibration
  •        NIST traceable UV-VIS-NIR Radiometric Integrating Sphere Source
  •        NIST traceable UV-VIS-NIR Irradiance Source
  •        NIST traceable Deuterium UV Irradiance Source