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2016 Press Releases and Articles
Measuring alteration in mica
Measuring moisture in soil
Mica alteration
RS-3500 spectroradiometer
Measuring temporal stability for solar simulators

2015 Press Releases and Articles
PSR+ Spectroradiometer
Plant Species Identification
Soil Salinity
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Participates In Petrobras Short Course
Batch Processing Samples
Classifying Solar Simulators
Clays In Soil
Clays in Mining
Soil Mapping
TOC In Soil
Wisconsin Soil Conference
Wheat Analysis

2014 Press Releases and Articles
PSR+ Spectroradiometer
SR-1901PT Introduced for Pulsed Solar Simulator Classification
Woods Hole Microbial Diversity Course
NDVI Index
EARsel Course
oreXpress for Core Logging
Alteration Mineral Mapping
High Resolution PSR-3500
Forage Analysis Application
Measuring Bitumen in Oil Sands
EZ-ID Available with the SpecMIN Library
Benchtop Reflectance Probe with Compactor
New Contact Probe
Pistol Grip
Spectroradiometers for Forest Canopy Research
oreXpress for Copper Exploration
oreXpress for Uranium Exploration
LF-Series for Lab or Field Applications
EZ-ID with Custom Library Builder
oreXpress Spectrometer with EZ-ID for Mineral Identification in Real-Time
SR-1100-TE for Radiometric Calibration Transfer
SR-4500 for Radiometric Calibration Transfer

IEEE PVSC, June 6-9, Portland OR
Booth 317
SPLIT Remote Sensing Summer School, June 6, Chania Greece
SphereOptics presenting a field day demo
EARsel, June 19-24, Bonn Germany
Exhibition with SphereOptics and Young Scientist Days field class on June 24
AESC June 26-30, Adelaide Australia
The PSR+ is featured on the Discovery Channel Program Trailblazers.

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We are at the 40 minute mark.