Spectral Evolution's lightweight battery operated portable spectrometers for
mining can be outfitted with a fiber optic contact probe or a reflectance probe for
benchtop use. Units can be hand held, tripod mounted, or carried with a
shoulder strap or backpack for easy use in the field. A fold-up field cart is
available for core shack use. We offer handheld personal digital assistants, or
portable computers with wireless bluetooth interfaces to speed up your data
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Ten Tips for Selecting the Right Mining  Spectrmeter
Hands-held convenience for field work or remote sensing.
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SPECTRAL EVOLUTION's field portable, battery-operated
oreXpressTM spectrometers are designed for mineral
identification in mining exploration, as well as the quantification
of metallurgical and mineralogical properties during production
and processing. The oreXpress provides a quick payback with
faster, more accurate mineral identification in exploration for
gold, silver, diamonds, iron, nickel, copper, uranium, aluminum,
shack, or in the lab, and provide:
  • Rapid data/spectra collection in the field - allowing you to
    take more scans in less time
  • High resolution in a field instrument
  • High signal-to-noise ratio for improved reflectance values
  • Fast start-up and use with no optimization step required
    between scans
  • Sturdy metal construction with thick walls to handle any
    field conditions, including high ambient temperatures
  • Reliable operation with no moving optics and a robust fiber
    optic cable with quick-disconnect
  • A rugged and reliable mineral contact probe for single click
    field measurements that easily fits in chip trays
  • Optional EZ-ID mineral identification software with three
    available spectral libraries

Using our portable UV/VIS/NIR reflectance geological
spectrometer, you can identify:
  • Al(OH) group minerals
  • Sulphates
  • Si(OH) group minerals
  • Fe(OH) group minerals
  • Mg(OH) group minerals
  • Carbonate group minerals
  • Selected OH-bearing silicates
  • Selected zeolites
  • Selected rare earth element (REE)-bearing minerals
  • Selected massive sulphides

oreXpress spectrometers provide a number of unique, in-field
benefits, including:
  • Full UV/VIS/NIR spectral range of 350-2500nm
  • Fast scanning and ease-of-use - one touch operation, auto-
    optimization on every scan - internal storage of up to 1,000
    scans with the oreXpress Plus
  • Portable, lightweight unit with optional GETAC PS336
    handheld PDA - easy for one person to use
  • GETAC becomes your field notebook - record audio notes,
    add your GPS position, take pictures of your samples, save
    it all and tag it to your scan
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries- lightweight, four hour
    operating life
  • Immediate start-up  - no warm up - start taking readings
    immediately to take advantage of daylight and weather
  • DARWin SP data acquisition software collects your critical
    data, saves in ASCII files - no post-processing necessary -  
    use with SpecMIN, GRAMS, TSG and other 3rd party
Convenience for field
sensing! Every SPECTRAL
EVOLUTION handheld
spectrometer can be
controlled via Bluetooth
connection by a
Windows-enabled laptop
or ruggedized handheld
microcomputer running
DARWin SP Data
Acquisition software that
permits rapid analysis of
mobile data and can be
collected remotely. The
GETAC can be used to tag
spectra with GPS readings,
photos (with its built-in
digital camera) and voice
notes with its built in
microphone. In this image,
the PS336 was used to
identify the presence of
montmorillonite. The extra
bright VGa display can
even be viewed in direct

More info on the PS336  
from GETAC
Watch our GETAC video.
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION PSM Series Spectrometers use firmly attached diffraction grating-based internal optics with multiple photodiode array detectors. This ensures both high sensitivity and resolution without having to use light-robbing internal fiber optics, ultra-narrow slits or moving gratings & prisms that can get knocked out of alignment. PSM-Series Spectrometers can collect spectra in as little as 100 milliseconds. The exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition Module included with each unit allows for full featured instrument control and data handling and is compatible with UNSCRAMBLER for further data manipulation.  LABVIEW drivers are also available (please inquire). In the graph above, the PSM-3500 was used to measure reflectance of kaolinite (purple), illite (green), montmorillonite (red) and SRM-1920 (cyan). The DARWin SP Data Acquisition Module allows multiple scans to be charted simultaneously for easy data analysis
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION oreXpress Spectrometers are ideally suited for mining exploration,
mineral identification, and mining production.  These spectrometers cover the UV/VIS/NIR spectra
using three photodiode arrays with no moving parts. This makes them supremely reliable in the
field. oreXpress spectrometers can collect spectra in as little as 100 milliseconds and store up-to
1000 scans in the unit without a computer.. The instrument control and data handling and is
compatible with a wide range of 3rd party analytical exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition
Module included with each unit allows for full featured software, including:  SpecMIN, GRAMS,
The Spectral Geologist (TSG), and  others. In the graph above, the oreXpress was used to
measure reflectance of kaolinite (purple), illite (green), montmorillonite (red) and SRM-1920
(cyan). The DARWin SP Data Acquisition Module allows multiple scans to be charted
simultaneously for easy data analysis.
with the SPECTRAL EVOLUTION oreXpress
Portable Spectrometer
oreXpress Spectrometer
  • Ideal for field
    measurements on
    outcrops or mapping open
    pits, hand sample analysis,
    chip trays
  • Also ideal for core logging
    in logging shacks
Field cart for core logging applications.
The oreXpress spectrometer is  
well-suited for core logging where it
can increase your productivity by
taking more scans in less time. For
core shack use, we also offer a
choice of field carts: a collapsible
field cart or a lightweight plastic tall
field cart with three shelves.

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mining accessories,
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oreXpress field portable spectrometer for mining
the oreXpress has a Pelican case for transport
oreXpress is ideal for minign exploration and mineral identification in the field
Field Portable oreXpress Spectrometers for Mineral Identification
and Analysis in Mining Exploration
EZ-ID Software
Our oreXpress spectrometers are
available with EZ-ID software that
  • An easy way to create a custom
    mineral library
  • The ability to quickly add spectra
    to an existing library
  • Pattern matching algorithms in
    interactive mode that can be used
    with SpecMIN, USGS, and
    GeoSPEC high resolution library
    for mineral identification
  • Display of your match report on-
oreXpress spectrometer is ideal for core shack logging in mining
Works with:
  • SpecMIN
  • TSG
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The oreXpress spectrometer and EZ-ID software are trademarks of Spectral Evolution, Inc.